Kirkland – Y.S. Rain Rewards

Rain Dog Designs works with Kirkland residents to receive and benefit from the Yard Smart Rain Rewards Program.
Below is more information from their website:

Once a Yard Smart expert conducts a consultation on your property,
YSRR will send you a written report that includes a list of site-specific projects to reduce runoff from your property. As a participant in the Yard Smart Rain Rewards program, you are eligible to receive funding to install these small-scale projects on your property.

We can install more than one project on your property. Program rebates depend on the type of property you own and whether the work was done yourself or by a contractor.

For Single Family Homes, YSRR will cover 75% of project costs up to $3,500 for work done by contractors, or 100% of project costs up to $3,500 for DIY projects.
For Multi-Family Homes & Non-Residential Properties (commercial, industrial, non-profit, churches, etc), YSRR will cover 75% of project costs up to $7,000.

To Receive Rebate:
~ After your project is installed, inform City of Kirkland staff (at that it is ready to be inspected.
~ City staff will inspect your project(s) and send an email indicating approval of the installation, or any necessary changes.
~ After receiving approval, submit a fully completed Project Rebate Packet (pdf), along with required attachments.
~ A rebate check for the installed project(s) will be issued within one month from when your completed Project Rebate Packet is received by the City of Kirkland.

Rain Dog Designs can help you through the process and do the project installation. View our Portfolio pages and Contact Us for ideas on getting started.