Landscaping Maintenance

Rain Dog Designs is an EnviroStars 5-star certified business. We offer comprehensive landscaping maintenance programs for rain gardens and large parcel installations. Services and frequency are tailored to the specific installation and can include these tasks:

  • Large area compost amendments to turf, landscape plantings and rain gardens
  • Large area mulch replenishment
  • Tree, shrub and ground cover pruning, taking care to maintain natural shape
  • General landscaping plant replacement:  ground covers and emergents, shrubs and trees
  • Turf maintenance including: mowing, thatching, compost amending, replacement and new turf installation
  • Plant disease identification and treatment
  • General weeding and invasive plant removal
  • Irrigation systems maintenance and installation
  • General site cleaning and plant debris disposal
Fresh compost being delivered to a Puyallup residence